Individual donors are the backbone of many nonprofits, and particularly a new one!  We depend on our donations to help us do everything from reserve venues and pay artists or teachers, to paying for our print materials so that people know who we are and the work we do.  We believe that the arts are a fundamental part of human life and that understanding culture is a fundamental part of understanding our identities when shared by a community.

Help us reach the Seattle community through our performances and educational programs.  Donate today.

Your donation is tax deductible!
Espacio de Arte is nonprofit 501c3.  Our tax ID number is 47-4445449.

Wish List

Donations don´t have to be monetary!  In-kind donations are also a great way to support our organization.  Big or small, helping us out with any of the following also counts as donating, and keeps us from spending money out of pocket to make it happen.  If you have an item you would like to donate, please contact the director to discuss your donation.


  • Office paper supplies
  • Office tech: Desktop PC computer tower, printer, etc.
  • Filing cabinets and office organization supplies
  • Performance tech: amps and mics, etc.
  •  Sandwich sign for use at events – like the “open house” style signs you see realtors use
  • Art supplies: easels, drawing and painting utensils, canvas and paper, etc.
  • Writing supplies: pens, pencils, notebooks
  • Children´s music instruments, particularly percussion
  • Catering and event supplies