What is Espacio de Arte?

Espacio de Arte promotes community access to the Spanish flamenco cultural traditions of dance, music and singing.

Espacio de Arte is a non-profit organization dedicated to sharing our passion for flamenco with the people of the greater Seattle area. For several decades, the popularity of flamenco has transcended the borders of its Andalucian birthplace and become a truly global art form. We intend to promote a deeper understanding and broader interest in this unique art form by creating opportunities for flamenco artists to collaborate, producing events and performances, and providing access to study with the finest local, national and international flamenco artists. Espacio de Arte is committed to exposing local students to a variety of flamenco styles, influences and perspectives – as well as preserve the traditions of the art.

Espacio de Arte was incorporated in June 2015.

Please visit our calendar page to find out about current and upcoming events, performances and workshops.

“Thank you so much for this very special evening.  You foster an amazing Flamenco community in Seattle – I love your gang so much.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!”   – Laura O.

“Thank you for bringing Belen and for providing so many opportunities for all of us to learn and grow! ”  – Marisela

“We are so fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from Belen in Seattle!  Thank you – can’t wait for the Tientos workshop next!”  – Fusako


Saturday, Nov 4 –  Sunday, Nov 5

Flamenco Technique (All Level) & Tarantos (Int/Adv)

Espacio de Arte is happy to announce the return of Adriana Maresma for a 2-day flamenco workshop! Graceful yet powerful in her movements and demeanor, Adriana has a unique way of balancing the beauty and strength of the flamenco art form. She possesses a sense of rhythm, and feeling for the music, and creative ability to express them through movement. Her ability to motivate through energetic enthusiasm and skill encourages students to learn new things with passion.